Pineapple Organic Tomato - ohio heirloom seeds

Pineapple Organic Tomato - 30+ seeds

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30+ Seeds. This is my 12th year growing this wonderful variety and I have been quite happy with the results. The fruit are a beautiful pink-yellow color, with vertical stripes forming as they ripen. I have averaged about 17 pounds per plant over the years and most fruit are in the 8oz. to 1.5lb range. The fruit are sweet and meaty, with few seeds. I consider this to be one of the best-tasting tomato varieties available. They are consistently my best-seller when I hand out samples at farm markets. People love the fruitiness and texture. I always tell people, if I'm only allowed to grow 3 varieties, "Pineapple" will be one of them. Indeterminate, Open-Pollinated, 80 days from transplant.