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Fish Pfeffer

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40+ Seeds. This African-American heirloom pepper is commonly used in the Philadelphia/Baltimore/DC region primarily in seafood dishes. The Fish Pepper is said to have come into use sometime just after the Civil War, but many believe it is far older, originating with the slave trade. It has thick walls with a wonderful flavor. It is "hot", but not quite as hot as a Jalapeno. I am not a big fan of really hot peppers due to the pain inflicted, but this variety is a real keeper. Just hot enough to add that zing to your cooking, but not hot enough to turn people off. I think Fish Pepper might be the best-flavored pepper out there. The plant will really stand out in the garden due to its wonderful foliage. The 2-feet tall plants have stunning white and green mottled leaves, which makes this variety superb for ornamental and edible landscaping.