Rutgers Tomato - ohio heirloom seeds
Rutgers Tomato - ohio heirloom seeds

Rutgers Organic Tomato Seeds- 50+

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50+ Organic Seeds. This old favorite was introduced in 1934 as a cross between the "Marglobe" and "JTP" varieties. Known for having thick walls and a resistance to cracking. Great taste, compact plants, attractive fruit.
Of the hundreds of varieties of tomatoes grown by home gardeners or commercial growers, there are a few standards that have become household names. One of those is the ‘Rutgers’ tomato – a leading home garden and processing variety of the early/mid-20th century. While the Rutgers tomato is no longer commercially grown for canned tomato production, it is still a favorite among home gardeners and widely available from seed catalogs and garden centers.

The development of the Rutgers tomato is a lesson in the history of the early 20th century industries of canning and agriculture and a chapter in the story of the famed Jersey tomato. Introduced in 1934 by Rutgers vegetable breeder Lyman Schermerhorn, the variety was named for the university where it was developed. The name, however, belies the tomato’s origins, for the original cross was made at the Campbell Soup Company in 1928, with leading processing tomatoes as the parent varieties. In cooperation with Campbell’s, Schermerhorn selected the best plants from the cross and for the next six years conducted field tests on New Jersey farms and made further selections until in 1934 the most superior selection was released as the ‘Rutgers’ tomato. Determinate, Open-Pollinated, 75 days from transplant.