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Zinnia Seeds- Thumbelina Mix Flowers - 200+ seeds

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Zinnia Elegans, this beautiful variety grows 6"-8" in height, and has a unique, compact bushy habit. Flowers measure 1.25" in diameter and bloom in pink, yellow, red, white, and lavender. This is the shortest of the Zinnia varieties available. Annual in zones 3-6.

Growing Instructions: Direct seed in the garden after danger of last frost has passed. Planting depth < 1/8". The seed needs some light to germinate, so don't bury seeds too deeply. Since they tend to flower so rapidly most people sow them directly in the garden. You can also start seeds indoor 3-6 weeks before last frost. Use trays or pots to start the seeds. Cover seeds very lightly with potting soil (or soiless) mix in trays or pots (they need some light to germinate). Water thoroughly. Place your trays or pots in a well-lighted area with an average temperature between 70F and 75F. Expect germination in 3-8 days. Transplant into small pots after 1 week.